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Grow Smarter & Wiser

What good does consuming information do if you forget most of it? Use Munger to collect and review the best ideas you find anywhere.

Import your highlights from Kindle, Instapaper, or any website, then use the journaling feature to record your thoughts about individual ideas. Reflect on brilliant ideas to grow smarter and wiser.

Remember What You Read Online

Curate great ideas from anything you read online, or automatically import your Instapaper highlights.

Conquer information overload and declutter your mind by properly digesting the content you consume.
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Import Your Kindle Highlights

Highlighting books is useless if you never review the ideas. Revisit and reflect on the best of what you read.

Import with one click via the browser extension, or upload your clippings file straight from your kindle.
Kindle import

Reflect On Individual Ideas

A single great idea can be life-changing. Use the idea journal to grow through thoughtful reflection.

Idea journaling

Organize Your Thoughts

Create a category for each of your favorite topics, then fill them with ideas from various sources.

Easily review the best ideas in whatever subjects interest you.

Search Your Brain

Search across all of your thoughts and highlights. Quickly find inspiration or quotes from your past.


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Why Munger?

The benefits of collecting brilliant ideas.

Improve Every Day

Build knowledge and wisdom efficiently. Eliminate your blind spots one by one.

Stop Forgetting

Retain great ideas instead of reading and forgetting them right away.

Think Clearly

Reflect on your daily highlights and organize your thoughts.

Make Better Decisions

Draw on the wisdom of brilliant thinkers. Practice applying their knowledge to your life.


Frequently asked questions

I'm still confused... What is Munger?
Use Munger to collect and reflect on the best ideas you find in books and online.

Munger has tools that make it easy to collect ideas from many different sources. You can import your Kindle highlights, Instapaper highlights, or anything you find online.

Once the ideas are in Munger, you can write your thoughts about them and group them into easy-to-review categories.

Think of it as a modern day commonplace book. A place to curate the best ideas you find and reflect on them.

Munger is an alternative to constantly consuming and forgetting information. By reflecting on the ideas you collect, they will be more impactful. If you use Munger everyday, you will grow smarter and wiser.
Why should I use Munger?
  • Conquer information overload.
  • Remember more of what you read
  • Collect your thoughts and organize your best ideas.
  • Easily import and review your Kindle highlights, and save interesting ideas you find online.
  • Use Munger to turn valuable ideas into lasting knowledge and wisdom.
  • Collect and remember great ideas instead of forgetting them right after reading them.
  • Use Munger as a tool for conscious reflection and discovery of original thoughts.
  • Group your favorite ideas from various sources into easily reviewable categories. Curate a list of your favorite quotes, wisest ideas, and most practical advice.
Who is Munger for?
Munger is for people who want to be smarter and wiser every day.

It's for people who realize that our ideas determine how we navigate through life, and therefore see the value in curating the best of them.

If you want to start remembering more of the great information you come across in daily life, then Munger is perfect for you. If you would like to think more clearly and have an elegant journaling tool, then Munger is perfect for you.
Why is it called "Munger"?
The idea for Munger was inspired by Charlie Munger, the thinking man's billionaire. Charlie is Warren Buffet's business partner and one of the wisest men in the public sphere.

One of his key life principles is building what he calls "mental models," which are essentially lenses through which to view the world. He stresses the importance of building knowledge in a wide range of topics so it's possible to approach problems from many angles.

Someone with a solid understanding of behavioral psychology, economics, finance, geopolitics, philosophy, and the scientifc method will make better decisions than someone who bases all of their decisions solely on economic theory, for example.

I built Munger to make it easy to build lasting knowledge in a wide range of topics. Simply consuming information is not enough. True understanding comes from reflecting on ideas and incorporating them into your existing latticework of knowledge.
How much does it cost?
You can create up to 50 notebooks for free. That's usually plenty of space to know whether or not Munger is right for you. After that, you can upgrade to Plus ($2.99/month) or Premium ($4.99/month).

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Why so much emphasis on wisdom?
I think of wisdom as personal software for decision making. When you are wise, you know how to make the best out of every situation you're put in. You may not have control over external factors, but you can always decide how you react to them. Wisdom is an overlooked attribute, but I think it is something we should all proactively develop.

Knowledge is important, but if all you can do is bang back some facts, what do you really know? I believe in reflecting on ideas and creating a personal understanding of them. I also believe that anyone can lead a more fulfilling life by fully digesting the knowledge and wisdom of the smartest people who came before us. I built Munger to make that easier to do.
What else can Munger do?
Desktop and mobile apps are in the works, as well as a handful of other great features.

I am building new features and improving Munger every day. If there is something you would like to be able to do with Munger, please email me at [email protected] and I'll add it to the roadmap.

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